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     Cieplice, the oldest Polish spa town, is situated in the picturesque Jeleniogórska Valley. The following routes start here: to the Śnieżka, to the Szrenica, to Chojnik - a castle dating from the 14th century, to the old adits in Kowary, to the Museum of Gerhart Hauptmann, a Nobel prize winner in Jagniątkowo, as well as to the Czech Republic and Germany.
      The only in Poland thermal springs, of the temperature reaching 86 degrees Celsius, rich with active sulphur compounds, rendered Cieplice (called Calidus Fons at that time) famous as early as in 1281.
      Even Queen Marysieńka Sobieska came here with her large court in 1687 to take treatment in this health resort. Many illustrious patients have undergone treatment here. The war turmoil spared the spa and its baroque monuments.
     Today Cieplice is a place with hot springs, beautiful parks - the Spa and the Norwegian Parks, and the Schaffgotsch Family's castle.
     And with the unique "POD RÓŻAMI" Hotel, situated near the Spa Park, in the vicinity of the castle.
     The interiors of the " POD RÓŻAMI" Hotel, carefully renovated, enchant with its unique atmosphere of fin de siécle. Comfortable rooms with baths are equipped with stylish furniture, TV-SAT, a telephone. The stylish café and restaurant, the pub, and the conference room await our guests.
     We have 44 beds in single and double-bedded rooms, in 4 rooms of the studio type, and a suite (2 bedrooms and a sitting-room).
     The Hotel possesses three garage boxes and a car park.


Wycieczki piesze i autokarowe z przewodnikiem.
Jazdę konno w terenie i naukę z instruktorem.
Zabiegi sanatoryjne - inhalacje, kąpiele, borowinę, masaże.

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